botanical collection

Mother-daughter duo with an obsession of sniffing every candle we come in contact with! We used to be found in the candle section of every store inhaling alllll the jars, one by one, for hours. Only to be disappointed every damn time we got home and lit our purchases and got an aroma full of WOMP-WOMP nothingness. Well no more! We decided to collaborate, brainstorm and custom blend - then we loaded our candle babies (mom literally calls them her "candle babies") with a CRAP TON of fragrance, so that no one ever has to suffer the trauma of fragrance let-down again. If you're looking for a mild performing candle, move along, but if you want to actually SMELL what you purchased, wafting through your house, then we got you! Cuz we're not messin' around.

SIDE NOTE: these babies are going to last you a LONG time, due to our signature coconut-apricot-soy-mineral custom blended wax. It gives each of our full size 8 oz candles a whopping 40-50 hrs worth of kick ass burn time. THANKS for checking us out! Tiffany + Momma Julie