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cigar lounge luxury candle

cigar lounge luxury candle

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FRAGRANCE PROFILE:  fresh leather, sweet smokey tobacco pipe, marshmallow, coconut, oak - what we imagine Indiana Jones, Magnum PI and James Bond would smell like.  Ahhh, now THOSE were some real men.........get me some of that! 

* Our candles are loaded with fragrance and burn for an insanely long time - 40-50 hrs

* Double wicked and hand poured in small batches (and we mean SMALL - like 5 at a time small) so shades may vary slightly from batch to batch

* Apricot-Coconut-Soy-Mineral signature wax blend

* 10 oz reusable vessel - 8 oz wax fill - Hgt. 4", Dia. - 3"

* 2 oz sample size votive - the PERFECT way to try out a fragrance before making the big commitment - approx 15 hrs of heavenly burn time (MUST be burned in a votive container!)  Best to use in small spaces.


  • Allow your candle to burn until the full surface has melted - this ensures that your candle reaches a full melt pool and burns evenly. 
  • All wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" before relighting every time.  
  • Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Place your candle within eyesight  - away from any flammable items.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jay Garrison
My favorite candle

So, it does not actually smell like a cigar lounge. Well yes i does… How shall I explain. Hmmm It is what we always hope a cigar lounge smells like. Meaning it does not remind you of a bunch of guys hanging out being challenging…. Being a bit difficult to engage and experience. It is a higher level experience. I don’t know how to say this…. But it is not dude ish. I mean that in the best way. Great cigars can be amazing, and not like a swisher sweet. But ore like a really good, Cabernet, Malbec, or Pinot Nior. This is what I feel about this candle.

Anthony Ferreira
The best of the lot

Cigar Lounge's unique scent is so distinct with it's leather and tobacco notes. Such a feel of sophistication around it. Both comforting and indulgent at the same time. Makes me think they should get into the cologne game...